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Friday, July 31, 2009

Movies and Music

A Must:

I read this book to Alyssa every week at least once. (I'd read it more, but she's not yet 9 months old, and seeing as how it's not too colorful or chew-able as her board books are, she doesn't care to read it more often than that.) I must say though, that I think it's messed up how mean Max is to the Wild Things when he's king. Like he treats them the way he's been treated even though he didn't like it, himself. What the heck is that about?? Alyssa and I usually discuss this upon finishing the book...and then she'll end the discussion with a toot or a giggle. I love her.

Another must: I love Michael Cera...every time I see him I just want to squeeze him...

This looks like a cute movie. One that'll put a smile on my face.

And finally, I've been on a Beirut kick again lately. I really really enjoy Zach Codon and his musical stylings:

Today, watching Alyssa at play, seeing her look up at me and laugh a nice hearty laugh just because I was hacking a bit, then leaning back to give me a kiss, I thought how nice it will be to play with her in more elaborate scenes as she gets older. Hopefully it'll be as nice as I'm thinking it'll be. It'll be nice for me as long as she enjoys hanging out with me.
I have plans for building a time machine with her...we'll be time traveling cool kids. Yeah...

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