Chronicling the ups and downs of my life as a twenty-something always second-guessing herself.

Friday, June 25, 2010

"...because you're never going to make it as a singer."

Elvis. I need to add some Elvis to my record collection. I use the word "collection" very loosely because I only recently purchased a record player and as such, have only made one trip to one record store. Maybe some Elvis, some Madonna, and some Sufjan to start off with...

You know, until recently, I had no idea that Elvis was actually told on more than one occasion that he couldn't sing, wouldn't make it as a singer. I'm glad he stuck with it.
I'm glad I'll stick with writing. It's what I want to do, and it's what I'm going to do.
Thank you Elvis, Michael Jordan, Dr. Seuss, Barbara Streisand...

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

But Riiiiicky!...

I am so bad at life sometimes.
So, i signed up for a summer kickball league and have already hurt myself. The very first practice we had a couple of weeks ago, I pulled my quads. Yes, both. Since then, I've been stretching and stretching and stretching and stretching...aaaaand stretching them...and tonight when I had to sprint, I pulled them again. Both. Again. I am so ridiculously out of shape and walking everyday apparently isn't doing much to remedy that.

Tomorrow, I change that. I can't stand being this out of shape. I can't get through a handful of sprints for pete's sake!!!!

Everyone on the team thus far has been nice. This isn't for me though. I doubt I'll do this again. :p But maybe I'll keep the friends I'll make. Anyways, other news: nada. lol This is it. Back into the bath with epsom salts!

Sunday, June 20, 2010


This weekend was a sorely needed break. I was sick on Friday and Saturday and as such, did not take care of much outside of feeding and clothing myself and Alyssa. Well, I did manage to take her to the pool, with the assistance of course, of three other people. I was really beat. Today is the first day that I feel somewhat well, and have taken this day to try to catch up on the mountain of laundry and mess that I have been putting off since I first started feeling gross, this past Wednesday.

Aly is amazing, as usual. She brightens my life everyday. She is exhausting and I'm pretty sure we're entering the terrible two's now that she's 19 months, but she really is the light of my life.

Okay, so that's all for now. Back to cleaning!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The 27th Year

So, after hauling ass to make it to my kickball game, I couldn't freaking find the right field to go to. Les called me back when I was already halfway home. Boo.

I really don't want to drive up to Orlando with Les; I want to keep her company and all, but the weekend is the only sort of slow-paced time in the week that I look forward to and driving to and from in one day sounds like a yucky idea. On the other hand, I know driving up there alone would suck...I haven't made up my mind yet...

I am ready for my 27th year in life. I really really am. Bring it on! I think I am stronger than I was even one year ago. I think I know myself better too; what I like and don't like. It's all getting easier to tell apart and it's also getting easier to admit to, haha.

I heard this song yesterday...lovely. Don't know how the rest of the artist's music measures up, but I like this one.

Anyways, I am really thankful for what I have in my life now, and for who I have become and who I continue to become because for the most part, I'm happy about it.
There are some things that I want to deal with, to change, but for the most part, I'm happy. Pretty happy, you know?

I can't wait to get my dental work done...weird, huh? It's just, it's been years that I've needed to get this done...

Okay, off to get ready for bed, shower, teeth, etc.


And now one more...I love Vampire Weekend. I really do. Must purchase Contra on vinyl. Now I can say that. :) Now that I have a Pro-Ject turntable sitting in our living room. Yaay!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Did I disappoint?

*Reading Dr. Harvey Karp's "The Happiest Toddler on the Block" for general knowledge as well as help with Alyssa's separation anxieties. My poor, sweet, sensitive baba ghanoush.

*Tonmorrow is vet day for the cats.

*Friday is vaccine day for Alyssa.

*Saturday I will be driving up to Orlando and back down, to keep a friend company while Alyssa takes in the Butterfly Garden.

*Tomorrow is my first kickball game!

*Yoga on Thursday.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Night Night

I remember why I hate going out to any typical bar in South Florida.
I love getting out and dancing to good music and I enjoy having a drink and talking with good friends. But in my opinion, a typical bar in South Florida doesn't allow me to do either one of these things. They're usually not set up for dancing, and they're usually playing loud, mediocre music so that one can neither converse very well, nor enjoy dancing. I don't know Miami very well, but for my birthday, I'd like to maybe get out and dance. I want to either go to a goth nightclub because I typically like the music they play, or someplace that plays "hipster" music because this is the stuff I also enjoy trying to dance to even though I never think I look like I fit in with the clientele. I'm too dorky, and not in a quirky, cute-sy kind of way.

Whatever. Just would like to dance on my birthday to something other than Lady Gaga or that freaking "tonight's gonna be a good good night" song...oh my gosh or that "beautiful girls all over the world..." song. I must have heard that lastone at least 5 times last night. Yuck.

I have no idea where to go since I don't get out much anymore. I'll have to ask my sister-in-law since she lives in Miami and may know what's up. SET's website made it look ridiculously shiny, which leads me to believe that this one is not for me. Maybe Pawn or Revolver? Maybe I won't be able to get out on my birthday, anyway? This would all be moot if that's the case...

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Lately, I have been focusing on trying to breathe new life into my ragamuffin soul.
I have been burning the candle at both ends though, so to speak, because I have been working on the present and on progressing forward with my life, AND on trying to clean up the mess Michael and I have been making over the past few years.

I have been making pretty big strides in the cleaning up process and anticipate being done with it once and for all, some time within the next 2 months.

As for the other stuff, I have been trying to get out every so often to see friends and make new ones. I joined a kickball team with my friend, Lesli, and have officially started exercising a little bit every day (weekdays, not weekends!), and have been eating better/feeding my family better food.

Unfortunately, between a few big projects, socializing, and mothering, pretty much every waking moment of mine is already well-spent, leaving no room for my writing the sample of fiction that I need to submit as part of my application to FIU.
::sigh:: I figure, once I hit a stride with my daily routine, I'll squeeze time in for that, too, but for now, I'm still trying to incorporate the new aspects of my life that I'd like to solidify.

Let's see...I will finally be purchasing health insurance; that's definitely something I've been excited about.

Lastly, I have been looking at graduate schools in the's just a dream. Who would look after Alyssa if I moved that far away from my family. They are always available at a moment's notice to look after Alyssa if Michael and I need that favor. And if and when I actually do this graduate school thing, I'll definitely be calling in some favors so that I can get some homework done.

Tomorrow, Mike, my brother, and I are going to a "cops and robbers" party. Cliche, I know, but I'll be glad to just get out for a bit with some friends to dance and converse with. I wanted to be Bonnie and Clyde with Michael, but now I'm not sure if he's going. I was wishing someone would go as Magnum P.I. I really freaking love Magnum. He's a PI, not a cop, but close enough?

Finally, I have to report that I have so many new picture to post, but can't do so yet because I have lost my camera cord...again. I'm usually pretty on top of my stuff, but my phone and camera cord are always forgotten. Ugh.