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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Music and pics

Recently, I was reminded of music I once listened to A LOT, but having it played it to death, had moved on and forgotten all about it.

My sophomore year in college, I stumbled upon Mouse on Mars and the Flaming Lips. It was not until the following year though, that I would really appreciate the FL.
I've had "Ego Tripping at the Gates of Hell" in my head all day. The song, and the album it's on, can be found here: Myspace Music.

Let's see...I'm still sick. I can't stop hacking. Thankfully, Alyssa has not been sick with Michael and I. We've also had the good fortune not to have developed a fever at any point.

I don't really have much time to post tonight, so here are a few pictures I took documenting the breakdown of tummy-time negotiations:
Don't put me on my tummy!!

What are you doing, mom?

Okay, that's kind of interesting, mom.

Wait, that's right! I'm on my tummy!


Now, to bury my head and scream until you pick me up!

Friday, April 24, 2009

Things to Enjoy

Making me happy at the moment:

1.)Different hats to wear:
Anthropologie accessories. Just looking! They're quite expensive.

2.)Someone to Love:

3.)My baby and my hubby.

4.)Joel McHale and The Soup!
Joel McHale

Friday, April 17, 2009

Video and a post

I'm sorry I'm not on here more often...
Well, Michael and I finished reading Dean Koontz's Shadowfires. We read that instead of The Once and Future King. Yesterday, we started The Scarlet Letter.

Michael has to close his company down. His underwriter has chosen not to renew their contract to represent him and thus, he cannot keep his company open. There are only a few underwriters left in Florida. A lot of them are pulling out because there have been so many claims. I'm not arguing. I've wanted him out of that industry because he hated it; the downside however, is that his days here with me at home, are limited. (He works from home). The days I spend without him, I feel like going crazy. I have no adults to talk to, without him. And we only have one car, so when he's gone, I'm stuck at home. I'm not brave enough to take a bus yet, with Alyssa. I'd only do it if I absolutely had to...
Anyways, they have given him 30 days, with the warning that they could possibly close him down even earlier, if they decide to. So, essentially, we have maybe 30 more days of income. Oddly enough, I am not panicking...I wonder why not?
I've already volunteered to get a job, but Michael really prefers that we keep Alyssa at home with me instead of daycare if at all possible. We're not against daycare. Like any other parent, we're just hoping we don't have to. I want so badly to spend time with Alyssa, so I hope I am able to continue this...

Let's see...we're going to Portland in August for a wedding.

Oh yes, and Ophelia spend almost 48 hours outside of our house. She managed to slip by us out the front door and we searched high and low for her that night and the following day. We knocked on doors, made signs, and even brought in dogs to help sniff her out of our yard, but we did not find her. I thought she must be dead by then; it was pretty hot and even in the shade, the weather was still enough to make you sweat. And ferrets don't do well in heat. But the second morning she was missing, I opened the door, and there she was! She ran inside, and aside from some scratches and fleas, she was alright. I am soooo happy! I had prayed for some miracle, and there she was. I really don't know how she made it back.

Ok. Off to bed!! Hope you are all doing well.

A pancake with eyes and a mouth that I made for Alyssa. :p

Flight of the Choncords! We went to their show in Miami!

Baby and Daddy!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Sophie the giraffe

So, Alyssa got her Sophie teether in yesterday.

So far as I can tell, she loves it!
We got it because it is made of pure rubber and chemical free. Even the dye used to color her is food-grade dye.

I got in the replacement cord for our camcorder so hopefully I'll make a movie today!

Off to eat some pancakes that my hubby has made!