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Thursday, September 30, 2010

I don't want to share.

Alyssa's blossoming toddler personality has brought tears of joy to my eyes. She's silly and fun, and always wants to make me experience her happiness with her. "C'mon, mommy," she'll say, beckoning me to her with her tiny hand, as she has seen me do when I ask her to come to me.
She is the loveliest person I have ever met.

That being said, I have to tell you, that my daughter will also not think twice about using her sweet voice to refuse compliance with some necessary task. She'll also use those very same tiny hands mentioned above, to push you away from her if she's not in the mood to receive affection. She'll push you out of her way if she needs to get by you;she'll run away and hide when you tell her that it is time for a diaper change. And she'll laugh at you and pull away when you're in a parking lot and insist that one must always hold hands in parking lots, in the name of safety.
Oh, and if she has something you want, she will usually hand it over only after smiling, holding it out, and then pulling it back in close to her before you can get to it.

And the most recent addition to her repertoir of impolite toddler behaviors, is declaring everything as belonging to her. Mainly, when it comes to her cousin, but I have also witnessed this being used on my friend's daughter, as I'm sure it will be on any child who might in the future show a liking for me. But being that we don't have too many friends with kids, this is mostly being directed at her cousin, Cameron. "My daddy," she'll tell him. "Nooo. My mommy." "Myyyyy toy." "My car! My car!" And today, as he crawled towards her to say hello, "Nooo. My Alyssa!" And she hugged herself as she ran away from him.

Oh, my sweet little girl. I will love you until the end of time, and even after that.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The best laid plans...

My plans for technical advancement have been thwarted. For the moment, at least.

I am waiting on paystubs from Michael's work. Hopefully the copies will be sent via the payroll company in time for me to enroll in this freaking program. I really really would like for this to actually come to fruition.

Solving your basic technical problems, is my passion. Ha. But seriously. Happen. Please. Technical writing, here I come...

I have to go. So soon! So late. Not much of an update, I know.
Tomorrow pictures and stuff. It will delight.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Another weekend Bites the Dust

Labor Day weekend. From my last post, you could tell that I was anxious to enjoy a weekend...
I've been sick in bed for the past two days. My head has felt like it was both full of gunk and throbbing with pressure in the front half of my skull. Geeeeez.

Thankfully, Michael has taken Alyssa into his care for these past couple of days because I have been utterly miserable. Plans with friends and family were cancelled, and one on one time with my daughter was put off. I am really really hoping that tomorrow will find me feeling significantly better.

And then perhaps, perhaps, perhaps, I can start being physical again on Tuesday when I am done with my antibiotics and with this cold. I've felt so yucky just loafing around for so long. It's not a party if it happens everyday, you know? At least so says The Postal Service. And I agree.

Oh, my baby is back.

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Call me what you will, but I have created and filled in a Dream Book.
Not REM-sleep dreaming; I'm talking about immediate and long-term things that I dream of actually happening. It ranges from reasonably obtainable (i.e. purchase health insurance), to the highly unlikely (i.e. become a frequently published and widely-read author of fiction), and some things in between.

I have started working on the first two this week; and I will continue to work on them, one by one!

I am still sick, but I'm getting back on my feet. This upper respiratory infection kicked my ass. I have three more days of Cipro, and I think Alyssa and I have caught something else. Probably because neither of us have been sleeping much. I won't get into that...
Anyways, being sick has made me skip the gym and find eating two dinners everyday to be all too necessary; thus, my pants don't fit me anymore. No joke. I've gone up a dress size in the past two weeks! WTF?! I still have another fours days of double dinners and no exercise. And in the meantime, I have to wear gym shorts and dresses.

Due to having lost my license, I could not register for classes at Broward College until the classes I needed were full.

Soooo I decided to go to PBCC-- but I needed a transcript mailed to me because I have never attended that institution...and that took time. When the transcript arrived, I could not sign up because we were broke.

By the time Mike received his next paycheck, all of the PBCC classes I needed were full. Damnit! And so that goal will have to wait, but the tuition money and the transcript have been set aside. They are ready and waiting for the next semester, although I am going to pay a visit to BC to see if I can possibly nab a seat that gets dropped by someone. That would rock.

I had been hemming and hawing about going back to work because I was hoping to start school in January, but the plan I have worked out for accomplishing said dreams, has pushed that back another year; meaning, I will actually put effort into finding employment. Perhaps this time in 2011, I will be happily checking off my grad school dream. One can only hope... I think it's kind of funny that I so desperately want a degree that will earn me nothing unless with a lot of luck, I make something of my writing. Who knows? Maybe I will. :) And if not, at least I will have my student-loan debt to keep me warm. Ha. I love school. I really really do.

Lastly, I should mention that tomorrow is Friday and that I am super-stoked about the weekend, since the last two I was just managing to drag mysget self about town. This time, I get to enjoy my time with my family! I love my little girl! My amazing little girl.