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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Nothing to Worry About...sort of...

Lately, been repeating these videos on youtube:

Well, and Peter Bjorn and John's Nothing to Worry About, but they disabled the embedding on that video so I can't post it here...

Life has been life...I always feel like I have too much on my plate, and by trying to cover a little bit of everything, nothing gets accomplished.
This is it. I am getting organized and mobilized. I am going to get shit done.

Just the other day, I was thinking back to the time when it was just me on my own and do you know what I realized? I've lost a lot of myself when I got wrapped up in the inevitable process of becoming another person: someone that falls in love; someone that moves in with someone; someone that gets married; someone that has a child. That person that I swore I would not become for many many years seemed to spring to life and almost instantly whoever I had been seemed like a distant thought. Someone less appealing. Mike and whoever this doppelganger was, they ran off together. Quickly, blindly, happily.

It seems that only now that Michael and this person have slowed down a bit, that my other half, my past half, has caught up. It came out of nowhere...

I don't miss my past at all. I have been considerably happier with Michael and now with Alyssa, of course. But there are some things that I do miss. Really do miss.
For one thing, I was organized. I daydreamed more, too. I felt creative and at least every now and then I churned out something kind of nice...

It got late while writing this-- gotta go check on Alyssa!!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Blibbity Blabbity Too

So, M ichael has given me the night off, sweet man. How am i going to spend it? I won't waste it all online, I promise! I'm going to update, check a few blogs, and move on!

Michael's family asked if they could come over today to hang out and have a sort of potluck dinner.
We agreed and got ready for the meal by making some slow cooker BBQ chicken, but we never heard from them. My brother and mother however, both came over in the late afternoon. The Michaels took Aly to the pool while my mom and I went to Whole Foods. She was shocked at the pries. I know, I know...their meat department however, does have some good weekly deals. It's just a matter of going there to check periodically.

I got home just in time to put a sleepy baby to bed so that my brother and hubby could watch District 9, and I would stay with Alyssa while she slept. (I also found that I had locked everyone out of the house. Woo!) My mom went off make-up hunting and yaaay! brought me back a MAC lipstick that I've been wanting! I tried it on right away and love it as I thought I would.
I know very very little about makeup, but I'm slowly getting more into it. It's sad that I'm doing this only in my mid-twenties, I know. I do like makeup, but I've always been wary of all those chemicals they have...mercury in mascara to name one hazard, and your skin absorbs 60% of what you put on it, directly into your bloodstream, if I'm not mistaken. So...imagine wearing this stuff everyday since whatever age you start...just kind of makes me feel a bit ick.

Anyways, I have no pictures for you tonight. I am so so lazy and eager to get off early from here, that I will just post the link to my Flickr account.
Nevermind those purse pics...

And I'm off! Have a great night!!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

An Update, sort of.

So, this long weekend has given us plenty to do. We've spent it mostly with family and friends.
Maybe tomorrow I'll stop by and see that I think about it, I probably won't. Should've done that today; I was right over there, and tomorrow we'll be getting ready for a potluck with Mike's family over there will probably be no time!

Mike and my brother will be going to see District 9 tomorrow morning, and my mother and I will be doing some Whole Foods shopping for her. She wants to switch over to non-toxic, biodegradable cleaning products and I told her that's my go-to place for that stuff.
Then we'll be cleaning and cooking for most of the day after that, I imagine.
I wish Les was in town, I'd go see her tomorrow for sure. But alas, my well-traveled friend is in NYC this weekend.

In unrelated news, you may notice that I have another blog. It's a blog that no one else reads because it's my ramblings on the difficulties of marriage and making it work. One of my more celebrated teachers in high school once told us that love is sometimes not enough to make things work out in a relationship. It is only recently that I am catching onto this. That's not to say that I am unhappy or ready to walk away. I'm just saying that marriage takes work, and that toiling beyond the love stuff is needed. If only I wasn't so damn uptight...maybe that would make things easier?

Alyssa has been her usual darling self. She is my favorite person. And a person, she is becoming! She has her own preferences, shakes her head when she doesn't want something, tells me when she's in the mood to give me hugs or not. Where did this little person come from? Just a few months ago, she was mostly quiet and observant. Now, she's telling us what she thinks! I love her.

So...tomorrow I should try to get on here and update again. Until then, I'm off to bed! G'night!