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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sicky-pants McGee

I am terribly sick. Sore throat, feeling worn out, every muscle in my body is aching and feeling tired.

Alyssa had a slight fever a couple of days ago, a runny nose, and was quite irritable for a few days leading up to that. We figured she was teething. Now I think she was teething and sick, poor little baba ghanoush.
Today she seems to be back to her usual, happy, energetic self. Aaaaaand, she is getting her very first tooth in. You can officially see and feel the top of a little tooth on the bottom right-hand side of her mouth. I am so happy for her. Who knew that a tooth could make me so excited and happy? She's growing up. So quickly, I might add.

Every passing day she surprises me with something new- she'll turn the page now for me when we're reading (board books only, not thin pages- she tries, but can't get only one with those!). She mimics noises form time to time, and is curious about how handles work, among other things. These are so mundane, I know, but I enjoy seeing her make connections. I enjoy just about everything she does.

She is exhausting, but she is so much fun. My family visisted us today for a couple of hours, and when my mom, dad, and Alyssa were dancing and laughing, I asked my mum if my brother and I were as much fun as Alyssa is, and she was like, "no. no way." And she was totally serious! Haha! I guess I should have expected that, maybe? My brother was a serious little kid, and I was mostly quiet and observant. This is what I've been told about us, and I believe it- It's mostly how we are now.

I had pictures taken on my phone of my little family engaged in various activities, that I was going to upload, but for whatever reason, they have been erased by my husband while he tried to update the firmware on my phone.

So only two pics this time:
My snack tonight:

Reading to Alyssa: (You can see the pots and pans that we were banging around with, in the background)

She is such a sweet little potato. I love her.

Ugh. I need some Ricola cough drops...
Going to get a drink and then curl up with my book in bed.

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  1. They do grow so fast. Isn't it amazing how what seems very mundane suddenly becomes so exciting when we see our children accomplish it (like getting a tooth)! I hope you are feeling better by now!