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Thursday, July 9, 2009


I was able to pick up my contact lenses today. What a good feeling! I really prefer them for the day to day stuff than my glasses that perpetually fall off my face.

These past two days have been busy busy busy again.
Though Alyssa, Michael, and I did make time to play in water, and to watch bubbles cannibalize each other before we popped them in their collectively large state. Alyssa has a look of concentration whenever she reaches for them. She's so cute. I am enamored of everything she does. Well, almost everything. Letting me sleep well, and accepting the fact that we'd like her to sleep in her crib at night (right next to our bed, c'mon!) would be great.

I have no pictures to post tonight, as I have not taken any in a few days.
Tomorrow, my friends. Tomorrow.

Watched Benny and Joon tonight. Cute movie. Am I the only one who thought that Johnny Depp reminded them of Spike, Snoopy's brother. Something about the way that he looked in that movie just makes me think that...

Eh? Eh?

Okay off to brush my teeth and get to bed!

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