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Friday, July 24, 2009


So, I have grown up with carbohydrates at every meal.
Breakfast always had toast or was some sort of bready-food item. A pastry or an english muffin, pancakes, muffins....mmm...or homefries. Yum!!! Breakfast was my favorite meal.
Lunch always had a sandwich or a wrap or pasta somewhere in it.
Dinner always had rice and some other starch- plantains cooked in various ways, potatoes, sweet potatoes, beans, or whatever.
I love eating. Always have. And carbs/starches have been a favorite of mine. I love them.
Sugar is another love of mine, but more than sugar, it's the carbs.
My mother made all the carbs brown (whole wheat, brown rice, etc), and she cooked really healthy stuff, but since I've been on my own, I've been eating like crap. Especially since I hate cooking. There's been a lot of canned and boxed stuff and lots and lots of eating out. Feel free to gag, reading that last sentence.

Diabetes runs in my family. My mothers' side is made up of string-bean skinny people. I think my mom is the "biggest" at a size 6. My fathers' side however, is mostly overweight and diabetic.
It is a well-accepted fact around the house, that my tastes and eating habits mirror those of my father and his side of the family. Ha!

I don't want diabetes or high cholesterol (of which I've already been told I have a high level for someone my age). I would like to have healthy eating habits.
So, after an acquaintance told me about the specific carbohydrate diet, I looked into it.
In short, it's a diet primarily for people who cannot eat grains or gluten, and most dairy.
I'm not following it for a couple of reasons, one being that I must eat wheat (gluten) if I am going to eat anything with flour in it at all (allergic to the alternative almond flour), but it has so many delicious recipes.

So here it is: I am going to try to eat carbs at only 1 or 2 meals a day. I have been eating them at breakfast and lunch, but not snacking on them, and not at dinner. Or, like today, I had a burger and a salad for dinner, so I skipped out on the carbs at lunch anticipating the roll I'd eat with dinner. And I still had pancakes and eggs for breakfast. So it's not like I'm drastically re-working my diet. Just trimming it and trying new, healthier recipes.

Anyways, I don't think it's too much to cut out. I still eat it everyday, I've just cut out at least half of it. Instead of fruit or veggies, I always snacked on carb. Now, I eat fruits and veggies as a snack instead. I still don't like fruit or veggies all that much, but I am learning to like them. Ugh.
(I'm not adventerous in my eating either...but I'm trying)...

Wish me luck in eating healthier!!

I'll be making my own yogurt when I get my YoGourmet ingredient in the mail. Curious how that'll end up! :p

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  1. We try to once a week eat a vegetarian meal for dinner. One of my favorites is French Onion Soup!!!