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Thursday, August 27, 2009

I am so so sick. And yet, I spent the day and night trying to survive taking care of Alyssa and going about regular daily tasks. I was in and out of a fever. I feel like it's back but I can't find the damn thermometer. Wouldn't make a difference anyways. 

Michael took Aly at around 10:30 so that I could relax. I ended up spending 30 minutes online (15 of which were spent trying to figure out why my yahoo account would not let me login). And the rest of the time up till now was spent doing laundry, sifting through some of the last move-in bags, and washing dishes, storing food Michael made for Alyssa, picking up tissues and diapers that did not make it to the garbage all day because I felt so weak...And now I am EXHAUSTED.
I am going upstairs to brush my teeth, take another shower, and crawl into bed where I'll likely not pass out immediately. God willing, I'll get to sleep right away, but eh...
Hopefully Micahel will wake up with Aly and take her to the beach to walk around a bit in the morning so that I can sleep in and maybe kick this thing?

Monday, August 24, 2009

A Trade

So, tomorrow, I will be pulling a switcheroo with someone. A student going off to college, purchased a Macbook a little under a year ago, and has decided they'd prefer a smaller, Windows-based laptop for school. Smart decision. It was a pain in the ass having a Mac at school because I was too broke to spring for proper software that would alleviate some of the problems I ran into- i.e. trying to download a partner's paper to proof from their Window's based PC. Ugh.
He checked out the specs and wants to trade me for mine. An even trade.

I actually really like my laptop. In fact, I love it. But on the whole, I prefer a Mac.
And so, tomorrow I will be giving someone my beloved Gateway laptop.
Bye bye baby. I will miss you. A lot. I hope your new owner treats you well.

Mmmm....Michael just finished making chicken cordon-bleu and I just had a taste. Delicious stuff. And now, I will go make madeleine cookies and wash some laundry!

Pictures tomorrow. At last! I transferred them to the PS3, then to a thumbdrive, and tomorrow, I'll get 'em on the computer. Okay, off to get things done!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Pictures, please?

Many many pictures to post. Now if only I could find my camera cord...

Sunday, August 16, 2009

To do's Today

List of things to get accomplished today:
+Move conference room table to garage
+Move antique table to first floor hallway- DONE!
+Cook two meals for me and Mike and two or three for Alyssa
+Wash one load of laundry- DONE!
+Write in 2 recipes to my recipe book- DONE!
+Try out new eyeshadow- DONE!
+Drive over donation stuff to my parents' house- DONE!
+Write up at least 3 baby shower game ideas for Jen to pick from
+Call Nikole and Amanda- DONE!
+Print pictures from USB- DONE!
+Mail out letter to Aunt- DONE!
+Visit used bookstore on Federal- DONE!
+William Sonoma for doughnut cutter and cookie cutters- DONE!
+Take Alyssa into the pool- DONE!

I want you know...there are admittedly many times when I shake my head at my husband's habits, and I wonder if I'll be able to accept them for the next hopefully 50 or so years.
And I, ever the pessimist, and someone who just barely believes in "love" with one person forever, will run down the list of good and bad things (as I perceive them) about my husband; whereupon, I always have to admit that although the list of habits I do not enjoy is considerably longer than the ones I do, the list of good ones he has more than makes up for the bad stuff. So here we are. I appreciate him and all of the good he has to offer. I really do.

Off to get these things done now that the baby is up!!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

A sort of confession? A bit of bad taste.

Something you may or may not know about me: I looooove after-school special shows.
I mean, I like ones about degenerates as well (i.e. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia), but I also enjoy what may be labeled as "family" shows. So, I watch some really lame-o ones. One in particular that I've watched from beginning to end, several times over, is What I Like About You.
And, okay, so I've never wanted a sister, but having watched this show, I have decided I really wish I could have had one. Although...I don't believe the relationship between Holly and Valerie are at all what most sisters' relationships are actually like in real life! Still, the show has me thinking about what it would be like to have one. Kind of silly, I know; but there it is. A sort of confession.

Here's one that may take the cake- I really really like the made-for-TV movie Holiday In Handcuffs; so much so, that I have asked Michael to buy it for me this Christmas since I didn't get it last Christmas.

So, I suppose this may change your feelings about me now that you know what terribly cheese-ball stuff I like. lol