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Monday, July 6, 2009


My family has been in rotation here. My aunt from London came to visit, then my cousin and her children have been visiting from Las Vegas for a bit now. My aunt from New Jersey stopped in briefly, and this past week, my cousin from Texas came down for a quick visit. He'll be in Ft. Lauderdale until Thursday.

I really love my family, and though we are scattered, i am so happy we see each other.
I am going to make a serious effort to go visit them as well. London, Texas, Las Vegas, and New Jersey...

I have been hanging out with them most days, lately, and as such, our home remains fairly untouched. We still haven't settled. i cannot wait to have everything calm down enough to get back into making progress with our home.

Other news: This month, i think I'll be able to sign up for classes starting in August. Woohoo!
Michael, Alyssa, and I will all be in Portland, Oregon in August for a wedding.
We saw Transformers 2 today. Awesome. We then discussed other giant-robot franchises that we have enjoyed over the years...what a bunch of nerds...

Tomorrow, we're all meeting up again, and hopefully somewhere in there, I will squeeze in some chores. But let's be honest- i probably won't.

Off to bed!

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