Chronicling the ups and downs of my life as a twenty-something always second-guessing herself.

Sunday, January 25, 2009


So, here's how life has been:

I have been getting more into a sort of routine with Alyssa. We're still fine-tuning things, but she and I know each other well enough now that it is getting easier for us to communicate with each other. I can now (usually) differentiate between her different cries and what she would like for me to do for her. I also now (usually) know what her threshold for certain activities is (i.e. grocery shopping, socializing with new people or with family).
Anyways, since things on that front are getting a bit easier for me, I have been able to dedicate some part of my brain to some issues outside of my baby:

1.) Work
2.) School
3.) Continuing working on those intentions I last posted.

In regards to work, Michael will more than likely be closing his title company. It's barely been turning a profit for a while now, and it looks like pretty soon it will not turn a profit at all.
So, we have been looking into going into business with my brother.
I'm not sure if all of this will pan out, but I'm really hoping it does. I do need to sit down with Mike and go over our finances to see if I'll have to go back to work until either we go into a venture with my brother or until he finds a different job to pay the bills.

I visited my old place of work last week, and people kept asking why I don't see if I can work from home, that they still need employees and since I already know the job...
So we shall see, but I really really would like to continue staying at home with Alyssa if I can. But of course, I understand, I have to place responsibility over preference.

In regards to school, I have put this on the back burner. I know of no Master's Psych program that can be taken part-time...maybe Nova Southeastern University but I didn't even bother to look because the debt I would incur going to that private Univ would be a heavy burden I don't want to saddle us with. I can wait a few more years to get back. In the meantime however, I would like to maintain some academic activity, so I think once we have issue #1 figured out, I will take some basic psych courses, some of the prereqs I'll eventually need to get into a program anyways.

Last week I worked on intention, and this week, I will work on accountability, evaluating and acknowledging underlying emotional and behavioral patterns that don't serve me well at all.

And now, some pictures! :)

More later!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Long-term Intentions

I intend to be an attentive and affectionate mother.
I intend to be a loving and supportive wife.
I intend to love Alyssa as the person she is, and to not try to fit her personality/life to fit my preferences in things.
I intend to be a world traveler.
I intend to make time for myself.
I intend to be honest with myself and with others.
I intend to accept the person I am, while not losing sight of opportunities for personal improvement and growth.
I intend to get my Master's degree in behavioral pschology.
I intend to eventually get my doctorate in psychology, and I intend to try my darndest to use it to make a difference in the lives of women and adolescent girls.
I intend to forever be grateful for the life I have been given and to pass that gratitude on to my daughter.
I intend to give back to the community, to mankind, wherever I can.
I intend to learn more about religions everywhere and to strenthen my own spiritual preference of Christianity.
I intend to live as a more patient person.

Friday, January 9, 2009


One two. One two.