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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Night Night

I remember why I hate going out to any typical bar in South Florida.
I love getting out and dancing to good music and I enjoy having a drink and talking with good friends. But in my opinion, a typical bar in South Florida doesn't allow me to do either one of these things. They're usually not set up for dancing, and they're usually playing loud, mediocre music so that one can neither converse very well, nor enjoy dancing. I don't know Miami very well, but for my birthday, I'd like to maybe get out and dance. I want to either go to a goth nightclub because I typically like the music they play, or someplace that plays "hipster" music because this is the stuff I also enjoy trying to dance to even though I never think I look like I fit in with the clientele. I'm too dorky, and not in a quirky, cute-sy kind of way.

Whatever. Just would like to dance on my birthday to something other than Lady Gaga or that freaking "tonight's gonna be a good good night" song...oh my gosh or that "beautiful girls all over the world..." song. I must have heard that lastone at least 5 times last night. Yuck.

I have no idea where to go since I don't get out much anymore. I'll have to ask my sister-in-law since she lives in Miami and may know what's up. SET's website made it look ridiculously shiny, which leads me to believe that this one is not for me. Maybe Pawn or Revolver? Maybe I won't be able to get out on my birthday, anyway? This would all be moot if that's the case...

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