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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

But Riiiiicky!...

I am so bad at life sometimes.
So, i signed up for a summer kickball league and have already hurt myself. The very first practice we had a couple of weeks ago, I pulled my quads. Yes, both. Since then, I've been stretching and stretching and stretching and stretching...aaaaand stretching them...and tonight when I had to sprint, I pulled them again. Both. Again. I am so ridiculously out of shape and walking everyday apparently isn't doing much to remedy that.

Tomorrow, I change that. I can't stand being this out of shape. I can't get through a handful of sprints for pete's sake!!!!

Everyone on the team thus far has been nice. This isn't for me though. I doubt I'll do this again. :p But maybe I'll keep the friends I'll make. Anyways, other news: nada. lol This is it. Back into the bath with epsom salts!

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