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Sunday, August 16, 2009

To do's Today

List of things to get accomplished today:
+Move conference room table to garage
+Move antique table to first floor hallway- DONE!
+Cook two meals for me and Mike and two or three for Alyssa
+Wash one load of laundry- DONE!
+Write in 2 recipes to my recipe book- DONE!
+Try out new eyeshadow- DONE!
+Drive over donation stuff to my parents' house- DONE!
+Write up at least 3 baby shower game ideas for Jen to pick from
+Call Nikole and Amanda- DONE!
+Print pictures from USB- DONE!
+Mail out letter to Aunt- DONE!
+Visit used bookstore on Federal- DONE!
+William Sonoma for doughnut cutter and cookie cutters- DONE!
+Take Alyssa into the pool- DONE!

I want you know...there are admittedly many times when I shake my head at my husband's habits, and I wonder if I'll be able to accept them for the next hopefully 50 or so years.
And I, ever the pessimist, and someone who just barely believes in "love" with one person forever, will run down the list of good and bad things (as I perceive them) about my husband; whereupon, I always have to admit that although the list of habits I do not enjoy is considerably longer than the ones I do, the list of good ones he has more than makes up for the bad stuff. So here we are. I appreciate him and all of the good he has to offer. I really do.

Off to get these things done now that the baby is up!!

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