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Monday, August 24, 2009

A Trade

So, tomorrow, I will be pulling a switcheroo with someone. A student going off to college, purchased a Macbook a little under a year ago, and has decided they'd prefer a smaller, Windows-based laptop for school. Smart decision. It was a pain in the ass having a Mac at school because I was too broke to spring for proper software that would alleviate some of the problems I ran into- i.e. trying to download a partner's paper to proof from their Window's based PC. Ugh.
He checked out the specs and wants to trade me for mine. An even trade.

I actually really like my laptop. In fact, I love it. But on the whole, I prefer a Mac.
And so, tomorrow I will be giving someone my beloved Gateway laptop.
Bye bye baby. I will miss you. A lot. I hope your new owner treats you well.

Mmmm....Michael just finished making chicken cordon-bleu and I just had a taste. Delicious stuff. And now, I will go make madeleine cookies and wash some laundry!

Pictures tomorrow. At last! I transferred them to the PS3, then to a thumbdrive, and tomorrow, I'll get 'em on the computer. Okay, off to get things done!!

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