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Thursday, August 27, 2009

I am so so sick. And yet, I spent the day and night trying to survive taking care of Alyssa and going about regular daily tasks. I was in and out of a fever. I feel like it's back but I can't find the damn thermometer. Wouldn't make a difference anyways. 

Michael took Aly at around 10:30 so that I could relax. I ended up spending 30 minutes online (15 of which were spent trying to figure out why my yahoo account would not let me login). And the rest of the time up till now was spent doing laundry, sifting through some of the last move-in bags, and washing dishes, storing food Michael made for Alyssa, picking up tissues and diapers that did not make it to the garbage all day because I felt so weak...And now I am EXHAUSTED.
I am going upstairs to brush my teeth, take another shower, and crawl into bed where I'll likely not pass out immediately. God willing, I'll get to sleep right away, but eh...
Hopefully Micahel will wake up with Aly and take her to the beach to walk around a bit in the morning so that I can sleep in and maybe kick this thing?

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