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Friday, June 5, 2009


Sorry I haven't been on here for a while. I have been very busy! Very busy indeed.
Michael and I have been trying to get our lives in order, and apparently, that will take up quite a bit of your time. Ha!

So, as you probably do not know, Michael owned a real-estate title company.
A few months back, he shut down because he was not producing enough and thus, was more a of a liability for his underwriter, than was worth it.

Here we are, several months later, and he is still looking for a job.
He has been looking, but I think he was banking on the possibility of asking his sister to see if she could get him a job at her place of work. Unfortunately, as he found out this week, they are not hiring for any position that pays what he wants to make.

I have offered to get a job, and he can stay home with the baby, because I can make what we need, in order for one of us to stay home. But he insists that it is his role to provide, and that Alyssa needs me, not him. He loves us. But I wish he'd be open to that option!
And if that was not already complicated enough, let me throw in a foreclosure.
When Michael originally lost his job at the title company he was working at before he opened his own, we could no longer afford our house. From there, we wouldn't have fought for it even if we could (which we could not), as it has devalued tremendously- I'd say, by about $150,000. Ridiculous. So, we have the sale date of our home- July 8th.

Fast forward to today. We make the decision to rent a townhouse in a nice neighborhood (a serious upgrade from our current one), at a really reasonable price. (It will be only a few hundred dollars more than our last one-bedroom 900 square ft apt, and this is a 2500 sq ft townhouse)! Florida is freaking expensive...And we won't have to pay for the first two months.
So, in a couple of weeks or less, we will be moving into a brand new, never-lived-in townhouse. I like this. However, I do not like that we are living off of savings. Yuk.

I am so anxious. I want to start looking for work for myself despite what Michael says. I really wouldn't mind being the one to work. I'd be happy if one of us could stay home with Alyssa no matter which one of us it is.

Okay, so tomorrow, we will have grandma and grandpa over to watch the little babooshka so that Mike and I can start packing and cleaning.
I will also take that opportunity to post pictures!

Sunday will be spent with the in-laws. Not sure yet what the plan is though...
And Monday will be spent with Julie up in Lake Worth.

And lastly, I would love to see this movie this weekend, but I doubt that will happen. Time constraints and all: Away We Go.

Okay y'all. Goodnight!!!


  1. That sounds like a lot to deal with, but it seems you guys are handling everything great. Things will look up- they have to!!! Good luck with your move. Looking forward to new pictures!!

  2. Thank you so much! We are trying to make the best of it. :p Hopefully I can post pics tomorrow- moving has been such a tedious process. No one needs as much stuff as we have.

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