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Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday Night

Well, life has been life.

I have been really working on myself; becoming more patient, taking note of things that make me happy instead of dwelling/focusing on everything I would change about people, my life, and myself.

Other than that, I'd say my life is pretty dull. If I were to write a book about it right now, it would not be a page turner.
Life is work. I am working at unlearning my usually unrelenting pessimism and fear of everything; I am working on my marriage, as sharing a life with someone is not easy; I am working on being a mother, a human being, a sister, a daughter, and a friend, as I have never been good at the latter four, and am hoping not to mess up the first.
But, I am happy.
And yet, there is a restlessness within me; a desire for something additional. I think I really want to get on with this psychology thing...

Saw Lesli yesterday. She's in a great place in her life; I'm really glad we've been able to maintain contact/friendship over the years. She's one of my few girlfriends. I've always been more comfortable with men than women in regards to friendship, but once I got serious with Michael, of my own accord, I parted ways with most of my male friends. And my other closest girlfriend now resides in China. :(

Off to watch reruns of Dark Angel that I Tivo'd earlier today. The SciFi channel was airing episodes today for some reason...


  1. I have often found myself in the same situation. I find it easier to form friendships with the male species as opposed to the female. As I've grown (spiritually) I have been able to work on this and I can happily say a good girlfriend is much better to cry on at 4 am when I've had a long day of trying to be a good mother, human, sister, daughter, friend!!

  2. Males are way less catty then we are :) I find it easier to be friends with them as well :)