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Sunday, June 21, 2009

A Little Change

The picture above was taken in the half bath in our new townhome.
It is so sterile and big compared to our old, tiny home that we just came from.
Old, tiny housing is what I'm used to. And now this...the building lacks any character whatsoever. However, nothing is falling apart or broken, and we have more space, and so, I am happy. It will just take awhile to make some memories here.

Actually, the first memory that I can associate with this place so far, is of me being incredibly frightened. The very first day we came to measure for blinds and check it out before officially moving in, Michael and I brought a multi-grain Pizza Fusion pizza with us to eat.
I was just finishing my second piece when my entire mouth swelled up. It was so bad that you could see it on the outside. My cheeks were huge.
I panicked because I know your throat can close in these situations. We left in a hurry to get to the hospital in case I needed help.
I was two days away from having insurance though, and didn't want to go in unless I absolutely had to. We waited, and the swelling began to die down. It was with me for a couple of hours, but it went away, thankfully.
So, that was my first memory here in our new home. That of panic.

Fast forward two weeks, and I am afraid to eat anything bread-y. I went to the allergist and a preliminary test showed me as allergic to oats, barley, wheat, and some grains.
I used to have food allergies: chicken, yeast, mint, etc. But I haven't had any since I was a very young child. I guess they are back, and with a vengeance because my mouth never swelled like that. I used to just break out into hives.

I go back tomorrow for more conclusive testing, but the sheer fear of swelling up like that and possibly of having my throat close, has kept me away from any kind of breads and oats. The only carby thing I'm eating is rice. As a result, I have gone down a dress size. It's crazy. I'm a size 2 now. This may be the best diet ever: a diet based on fear, lol.

So tomorrow will be busy with picking up contact lenses, going to the allergist for a couple of hours (oi!), and cleaning the rest of the mess in the house.

Happy Fathers Day to all you papas out there!! And to the one in this picture. He is a doting father. That is for sure.


  1. I can't wait to see the new house... I bet its snazzy. You guys can come check out our mini little old house.

  2. Oh I hope they can tell you exactly what caused the reaction. Food allergies are so scary.

  3. Congrats on the new townhouse and sorry to hear the allergies are back. I wonder what caused them to come back? That is scary!