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Wednesday, June 17, 2009


There she is. The most delightful person I think I may ever have the pleasure of meeting.

Before I became a mother, I used to imagine that having a child was akin to seeing your heart walking around, entirely too unprotected. And now that I am a mother, I now know that she's even more important to me than my own heart. She's awesome.

Sooooo, we have moved in, y'all.
The place is really nice, but a bit too big for my liking. It is by far the largest home I have ever lived in. I prefer small, cozy homes with character. And while this townhouse is beautifully new and clean, with upgraded appliances and a nice master bath, it is cookie cutter and cavernous.
At least, that's my opinion.
Nonetheless, I'm not asking anyone to kick me out of here! It is a nice place to live.
I'll post pictures later tomorrow. I actually haven't even taken any. We've been strapped for time.

Today, I went to the allergist. Something I ate last week, made my mouth and face swell up immensely. A preliminary test shows that I am allergic to: oats, rye, wheat, and barley. Nice.
I have officially sworn off multi-grain anything and cannot even eat my favorite pre-made cookies. I have to go back on Monday to take one last test before the doctor gives me the final list of items to avoid.

Ok. So, off to bed. I am exhausted.

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