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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Another weekend Bites the Dust

Labor Day weekend. From my last post, you could tell that I was anxious to enjoy a weekend...
I've been sick in bed for the past two days. My head has felt like it was both full of gunk and throbbing with pressure in the front half of my skull. Geeeeez.

Thankfully, Michael has taken Alyssa into his care for these past couple of days because I have been utterly miserable. Plans with friends and family were cancelled, and one on one time with my daughter was put off. I am really really hoping that tomorrow will find me feeling significantly better.

And then perhaps, perhaps, perhaps, I can start being physical again on Tuesday when I am done with my antibiotics and with this cold. I've felt so yucky just loafing around for so long. It's not a party if it happens everyday, you know? At least so says The Postal Service. And I agree.

Oh, my baby is back.

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  1. We all were sick then too! YUCK :( Hope your on the mend! :)
    Veg Mamma