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Saturday, May 2, 2009


So, I just purchased BumGenius cloth diapers for Alyssa. I bought the bamboo fitted kind, with some Thirsties diaper covers.

When they are delivered, we shall see how I will make this work!
Here's to cloth diapering!

Michael, Alyssa, and I went to Lesli's 26th birthday party today. As usual, I brought the camera, but did not take any pictures. I need to bring Lesli's present to her this week when it arrives, so I'll get some pictures of the ensuing visit.
Also, surprisingly,Kerrie was there. I haven' spoken to her in years!

It was maybe 5 years ago when someone I decided not to be friends with anymore, was upset with my decision and acted out in some pretty ridiculous ways. It was a strange and dramatic scenario that I chose to walk away from rather than get wrapped up in, and Kerrie had asked me why I had given said former friend the cold shoulder. This had upset me, as any normal human being could see that my former friend was actually a pretty terrible person (not just for acting out against me, but for other reasons that had lead me to the decision to disassociate myself with her in the first place). She was a spoiled child of privilege who compulsively shoplifted, lied, and cheated, among other things. Anyways, this upset me, and I decided that if her behavior was not appalling to K, maybe it would be best if I broke it off with her as well. Well, I had missed Kerrie's and my friendship, and had felt that perhaps I had been too severe, too quick to judge, but I had no way of contacting her. But, there she was. She's happy and doing well, but lives in Maine. I'm really glad I got to catch up with her.

All in all, the party was fun! Right when we got there though, Alyssa pooped UP her back, and all over her dress! It was everywhere, and lo and behold, for the first time in 6 months-- I forgot to bring wipes!!! I used damp toilet paper and a wet burp cloth to clean Alyssa up, poor thing. What else could I do? I already had her undressed and diaper-less when I realized the wipes weren't there. Poor baby. But, she got cleaned!

Tomorrow, Michael and I will be heading to my parents' house- My mother will be watching Alyssa while the gang (reference to It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia) goes to watch Wolverine.

Afterwards, we will take Alyssa to Marjorie's pool and see how she feels about a pool, for the first time. And I, hopefully, at some point, will get some time to flip through the last 3 Domino magazine issues I haven't been able to read yet.
Domino is no longer in circulation though. As of February. Not sure why...

Okay, off to finish watching my What I Like About You Season 1 Disc 1. I know...I am lame...

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