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Sunday, January 9, 2011


I haven't updated in a pretty long time- we had Michael's little brother stay with us for a few weeks, during which, my computer was occupied at most hours of the day.
And I didn't feel right kicking him off because we're a pretty boring bunch, and I assumed that that computer provided the only bit of entertainment that he would get while visiting.

At any rate, I have a slew of pictures from the holidays and of recent family outings to post.

Michael and I are watching an episode of Boy Meets World...scratch that- I am watching it and Michael loves me enough to sit through it. I LOVE after-school specials...and Michael's mind-in-the-gutter side commentary. Haha!

What's new? Since I last updated I have:
Watched It's Complicated, Garden State, Date Night, and True Grit. Next on my queue is The Fighter. This is an unusually high number of movies that I've been able to watch...let's keep it up!
Gone out TWICE with friends. (Getting out for a few hours is a feat rarely accomplished, so I'm happy!)
Started School. It's a bit intimidating being back in something I've been away from for a while.
Updated my iPod.

It's well past midnight.


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