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Thursday, November 12, 2009


It's embarrassing how much I look forward to (sort of) watching the ABC Family Channel's installment of made-for-tv holiday movies during their "25 days of Christmas" promotion.

I don't really get to watch them, as I can't sit and enjoy them, even after Aly has gone to sleep for the night, but I love having them on in the background and checking in every now and then to see some cheesy, predictable story-line movie action. Mainly because it's holiday-related.
Included in these gems, are Snow and Snow 2, Snowglobe, and The Dog that Saved Christmas.

LOL Michael makes sooooo much fun of me...and I have to admit that I deserve the mocking. But I thoroughly enjoy myself, and I plan on seeing ABC Family through this holiday programming series.
I told Michael he was mistaken if he thought he'd married someone with any bit of hip-ness in them. He says he knows he didn't...

Picture update later! I made a video but have not had time to post it! Maybe I can get that up here later, too...

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  1. That is so funny! I like to watch those cheesy predictable movies too!