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Tuesday, February 24, 2009


So, i was watching this special on the Discovery Health Channel about "freebirthing." Whew! If we have another child, i would like to have a homebirth, but with a midwife present! What's the harm in having a midwife there? I wonder why some women prefer being totally unassisted? I'm not condemning them- I'm just curious what they dislike about even a midwife's assistance?

Hmm...what else is new. I've been absent form here for a bit, but that's mostly because things have been relatively boring here in the Mansueto household.

Alyssa was baptized on February 15th. I'll have to post pictures tomorrow of this and of the recent days. I was crying through most of he really does mean so much to me to have her formally welcomed into the church.

Also, Michael and I celebrated our anniversary on the 13th. (Though we were actually married on the 8th of February). He planned out a wonderful night for us. It ended with a picnic-dessert on the beach that night, where he asked me to marry him again (our actual engagement story is pretty depressing and he wanted to make up for that), and presented me with my wedding ring which he had had cleaned and engraved with the word "Fatum." He had it engraved in latin instead of English, because my tattoos are written in latin...I love him so much. We are both so different and take to pointing this out to each other pretty often unfortunately, but we still appreciate one another as our perrfect counterparts.

Last weekend, i missed a bridal shower because we bombed the house for fleas and because of other events that morning that kept me from leaving on time...i got peed on by the ferrets on the way there, forgot the presents, etc.
Also missed a free meal at a new Asian bistro that my friend is doing pr work for...::sigh::

I did watch the Rocker over the weekend though, the new Futurama movie today, and...the new High School musical. Don't judge. I'm lame like that. I love the feel good Disney movies...but i draw the line at Hannah Montana, lol. I don't want to watch that!

Ok. Have ot get to bed.

More later!!

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  1. I have a friend who had a home birth and while I admire her, I would be way too chicken for that!! She did have a midwife and everything turned out just fine for them. Cannot wait to see pictures from the Baptism.