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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Earrings and a video

So, I made a video yesterday to post, but since the song that I'd like to accompany the video was purchased from iTunes, it's in m4p format which is not easily converted to mp3 format (the only format I can use to put it in my video). Stupid DRM. Tomorrow, I will convert it; it's a bit of a lengthy process...

So, today, we went to Alyssa's 3 month check-up. She got her second round of shots (poor baby), and a clean bill of health (thankfully!).
She also got her ears pierced. And this weekend, we are baptizing her. She's a busy girl!

Michael and I finished reading The Historian and have moved onto The Once and Future King. In my moments of spare time (few and far between), I am reading The Invisible Man, by myself. Mike wasn't interested in that one.
I actually really wanted to pick up Autobiography of a Face to read together, but again, Michael wasn't interested in that one. So, I'll have to pick it up on my own once I'm done with Invisible Man.

Well, I don't have much more for ya' so I'll leave with some pictures:

Alyssa, unsure of how to feel about getting her picture taken in the car.

Excited to be with daddy!

My face is back to breaking out!

She's so much better-looking than her mother or father, that's for sure!

My baby girl with earrings! And self-inflicted scratches. I swear she's determined to peel off a portion of her face...she fights me to scratch her face. I'm not sure of what else I can do to keep her from doing that...


  1. I am so jealous of you!! I cannot still my mind long enough to enjoy a book and you are enjoying several!! Alyssa's is beautiful and I love her earrings.

  2. lol Well, I enjoy them only about a couple of pages at a time! (That's all the time i seem to get before my daughter or a household chore calls to me.) :p And Thank you!

  3. What a cute doll baby!
    ~ Thanks for being a follower!