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Friday, March 27, 2009


Well, I have been absent from blogger lately.
I've had good and bad days.

My beloved Allister died of adrenocortical carcinoma cancer.
He was wonderful and I still do love him. We buried him at my parents' house near my family's beloved ferret.

I love him so very much. He was incredibly sweet.

The good news is, that Alyssa continues to blossom and grow. She's been "talking" a lot lately. And she's getting better at using her hands, with every passing day.
Now if only I could get her to do/enjoy tummy time...

We are giving Ophelia, our other ferret to my parents not just because my brother has been asking us to please please giver her to him, since we adopted her, but also because I feel her. I have zero extra time to give her attention, and now especially with her sibling gone, I think she needs more attention and love. We'll still see her a few times a week, and I'll actually be able to enjoy her when we go over there. They love ferrets and my father is home all day, so it works out. Well, the only problem is that She has to stick to the master bedroom and bathroom because my brother's girlfriend's dog also currently (temporarily) resides there, and they do NOT get along.

Anyways, here are some pictures:

I think I'm going to go see my doctor next week. I've been feeling off in so many ways lately, and I'd like to know what's up. Nothing serious, I hope. But then, that's what I always do- worry about the worst possible outcome. :/

That is all. Off to go get ready for bed with my loves! :)


  1. I am so sorry about your dear friend, Allister. I hope that you have nice memories with him.

  2. Very sorry about your friend, we lost one of our cats to Kidney failure 2 months ago, things just haven't been the same, I feel the pain too! :(

    Great pictures!
    Thanks for becoming a follower!

  3. Thank you both for your condolences. Pets are part of the's so sad to know they have such shorter life spans...

  4. Hope that you have been feeling better!